Madison Paige Hensley  –  Owner

Madison Hensley has been an active photographer in the Tulsa area for several years and has studied the art form since she was a very young girl. Hensley is a dynamic, talented, young artist and master builder of visual ideas.

She has been a close associate of the RedCave Media family for many of her most productive times. Her work is now beginning to see some significant notice in the region and she is becoming a wanted artist by a wide and varied clientele.

“I believe that Madison is one of the best, most naturally talented photographers I have ever met in my 30 years working in and around the music industry and the arts,” said Bryon Turcotte, RedCave and Uncle Brown’s Sound Owner. “I can say with honesty that I am one of her biggest fans. I feel so grateful that she has joined our team and will work with us to not only bring great art and creativity to a new, interested audience, but also transform each of our artists – through her photography – into beautiful works of visual art. What a true compliment to their music.

We are extremely excited to have her in our family.”

Hensley will be working on the upcoming promotional campaigns for for all the RedCave Media and UBS artists which include singer/songwriters Kelsey Hausam, Lindsay Main and rapper T-Dizzle.